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Care2Foster™ is an initiative of Fostering Great Ideas® that engages caring people who want to make a difference for children in foster care and equips them with inspiration and information to become a foster parent.

It started as a blog for current foster parents and former children in foster care to have a platform to share their stories, and has evolved into an information source for people in the community to learn about foster care and the need for more foster parents in South Carolina. Our team now consists of several volunteer staff members and local professional photographers.

Lindsey, Director

Lindsey is a coach for foster parent recruiters and a marketing guru. She works closely with foster care licensing agencies across South Carolina to find more foster parents for children in foster care. She is currently earning a graduate degree in Social Work and enjoys spending time with her growing family.

Lindsey can be contacted directly at

Cathy, Lead Ambassador

Cathy brings years of experience in marketing, leadership development, and the private financial sector. She helps us with many aspects, including website assessment, content creation and promotion, marketing strategy and more. In addition to foster parent recruitment, Cathy serves as a foster parent with her husband and three biological children.



Active Photographers


We are Looking to Expand our Team!

We are interested in adding different perspectives to our blog and expanding our group of photographers. If you enjoy writing or photography and want to contribute your skills to this project, please contact us to learn more.