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There are many things to consider before becoming a foster parent. If you have specific questions, we would love to connect you with a current foster parent to get answers to your questions. Please submit your questions here and a foster parent will be in touch with you shortly.

Previously Asked Questions

1How do I choose an agency to start the process?
"The children entering foster care will be the same no matter which agency you choose to work with. It is wise to look at the values/beliefs of the agency to make sure they align with those of your family." - Kayce, Greenville County Foster Parent
2How did you know what aged children you were able to foster?
"It is wise to consider the ages/gender of your biological children when deciding the age range of foster children you will accept. Each family should decide what will be beneficial and what ages/gender will be the best fit for their family." - Kayce, Greenville County Foster Parent
3How did you decide to foster or adopt?
"There are differing opinions, but it may be beneficial to foster before you adopt. The gaol of foster care is reunification; unfortunately, that isn't always the case. If you have a foster child who becomes free for adoption, you will already know if they are a good fit with your family. It can be beneficial to understand the difficulties/concerns of the child before completing the adoption process." - Kayce, Greenville County Foster Parent

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